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Six Security Checks for New Home Owners

New Home Security

Probably the last thing new homeowners consider is the security of the property. We recommend making it your No1 priority! Home security is easily forgotten amongst the million and one things on the ‘to-do’ list, with unpacking and organising taking priority. However, new homes are often easy targets.


Previously occupied properties may have main external door locks that have been in situ for years, there is no way of knowing who has a key, they do go missing and can fall into the wrong hands. Regarding new build property, basic locks (cheap) may have been installed and spare keys copied. Have a five-lever deadlock (a single deadlock at the very least) and a night-latch fitted. Do the same to the back door and ensure any patio or sliding doors have mortice locks on both sides.


The main risk to home security is through the front door. In addition to inferior locks, the actual construction of the door may be insecure. Solid wood doors, modern doors with toughened glass and letterboxes with restricted openings are all excellent for home security, plus cat flaps that use a tag and chip allowing the family cat to enter are all great precautions.

Please refrain from hanging a key inside the door that can be pulled out and used to gain access, if your absent-minded children can enter so can anyone else! And, no keys under plant pots, please!


Fit window locks on all windows, not just ground floor windows. Deterrence is the most important factor in home security if the would-be thief is deterred from breaking into your home because it presents high-risk factors that is excellent. Leaving windows ajar or not locked may well encourage an opportunist thief to try his luck. Remove all keys from locks and put them out of sight. When the occupants are going away, especially for lengthy periods, lock every window including the upper floors, even the smallest open window is an invitation to a thief.


Neighbourhood watch schemes work, join your local group for mutual protection. Ask a trusted neighbour to pick up mail from the doormat and take a walk around the property once in while whilst you are away removing the tell-tale signs of an empty property. Thieves will deliver leaflets and call back to see if they are sill on the doormat to establish if there is anyone home.