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Protecting business premises and property is a serious business

Business premises are a vital asset to any Company, they are the centre of operations housing merchandise, people and data, all of which are essential to the smooth running of the enterprise. Maintaining adequate security measures to protect assets, is paramount.

Burglary is statistically proven to be the most common type of crime experienced by businesses, opportunist theft is common, and most burglars will pick on premises where they think there is less chance of being caught.

Commercial property is very attractive to thieves because often there are high value items inside and possibly during the silent-hours the premises may be locked down allowing more time for them to break in and remove assets.

Clearly the impact on businesses is serious, damage to machinery and removal of valuable materials, and tools, will cause a substantial impact on the organisation, possibly disastrously so.

In addition, there are further security risks, including vandalism, shoplifting, and risks of violence toward personnel. Of greater concern is the rise of theft by existing staff.

Not only is theft damaging due to loss of assets, profits and confidence but the Insurance premiums can become onerous.

Proactive steps can be taken to acquire a security system that is cost effective and relatively inexpensive, time saving and generally streets ahead of the alternative.

Thanks to technological advances electronic security systems are easier to install, exceptionally easy to use, and are easier to have access to where-ever and whenever the owner wishes.

Electronic Security Systems include:

  • Closed Circuit Television, CCTV, internal and external

  • Security lighting

  • Business Intruder Alarms, and

  • Access Control Door Entry systems.

Because of the high-tech nature of CCTV, it is possible to capture images for evidence purposes that are crystal-clear making recognition far easier.

The very fact of having a CCTV system in place will create a deterrent because of the greater risk of identification.

Monitored, CCTV, Intruder Alarm and Access Control Systems allow full control of premises and can immediately alert Business Owners, Security Personnel and the Police who can attend with urgency.

What makes up a Business Security System?

In general terms, cameras, which may include a sensor/movement detector that feeds back to a control, and a recording system. Modern CCTV systems are digital and wireless and operate in tandem with a computer that will store the images and control the cameras, read inputs etc., this will store data onto a computer or in the “cloud”. This means you can be alerted and access images from anywhere in the world through your mobile phone. Because cameras are so high tech and easy to fix they can be placed almost anywhere, without cabling, and are so small that they may not be noticed, some will be housed in the familiar domes.

The Cost?

Initial cost of equipment and installation is a capital expense and deductible. Purchase and installation by professional engineers should be carried out by a reliable company registered with NSI, National Security Inspectorate, and SIA Approved to ensure best practice.

Cost depends on the size and complexity of the system but as an investment will pay dividends.

Potential purchasers should ensure that they have full details of costs including ongoing maintenance costs.

Prices from Lion Global Security start from as little as £400 + VAT for supply installation and £30 a month for monitoring and response.

Organising a new security system requires careful planning and professional input to ensure the desired results at the best price. Contact us for a free security audit, and to discuss the recommended system to keep your premises secure.

Call Dan or Marie on 0161 696 7860 or email

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