VGS Group LTD 


VGS Group is the lading provider in virtual guarding system for construction and vacant properties without power supply onsite, with our in-house monitoring and response team we can quickly respond to any intrusion on your premises.


VGS as a three-prong approach when it come down to securing your site.

One of our consultants will complete a no obligation survey of the site and recommend the best security solution for you

Once your security system has been put in place, VGS will monitor your system and ensure that each and every breach is responded too or a viable reason for the breach is noted down and a report is sent.

If a response is required our SIA trained personnel will respond to the premises. Once at premises the patrol officer will ensure that the premises is secured and that any issues are reported. Any damages will be indemnified by VGS cover as we insure the premises once the system is set.



With over 15 years’ experience in all aspects of Security we have built a reputation for a personal and efficient service.


At VGS we will handle all of your security requirements allowing you to focus on your business and enjoy your lifestyle while we protect all your valuable assets.



We use the latest  CCTV technology to ensure your property can be monitored from every angle.

Check out some of the prowlers we've filmed recently.

Needless to say, we had somebody at the site in minutes to ensure no damage was done or goods stolen

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